Customer Engagement

We offer a variety of engagement models, providing the optimal fit for each project and customer. Depending on the size, complexity, and requirements of the project, you can choose from the list of standard models; Time and Materials, Fixed Fee, and/or Dedicated Teams. We frequently combine or customize the models for specific needs.

Time and Materials

Pay only for actual time and materials spent developing your application. T & M projects are, of course, accompanied by experienced estimates and frequently include "not to exceed" options.

When to choose T & M:

  • Anytime exact technical requirements are still largely undecided
  • During early design phases of larger projects, or when the project IS to develop the technical requirements and vision
  • For projects requiring immediate action, due to market conditions or internal demands
  • On smaller projects whose scope is straightforward and can be well-defined
  • When a project requires integration with a variety of systems, such as an Android app

Who should choose T & M:

  • Clients with immediate software development needs
  • Clients whose projects are not yet fully architected, roadmapped, or product designed
  • Clients who require maximum flexibility during project execution
  • Clients who need hands-on control of the development process
  • Clients who require external resources to supplement internal or existing programming efforts

Why choose T & M:

  • It can be tailored to any budget, as you only pay for actual time and materials consumed
  • When a project has a sense of urgency without sacrificing performance or quality
  • T & M requires the least commitment, and therefore the least resource and project risk
  • It is extremely flexible, as our clients can increase development efforts on an “as-needed” basis as additional funding and resources permit
  • Convenient and quick way to have simple changes and bug fixes

Fixed Fee Model

Pay a predetermined price to develop your project. All project details are agreed upon in advance. Mid-project changes are handled with pre-approved change orders.

When to choose Fixed Fee:

  • For small or medium sized projects, where the scope is straightforward and well-defined, and whose technical requirements are well-documented
  • When the project IS developing technical specifications and vision
  • Well-defined parts of larger development efforts

Who should choose Fixed Fee:

  • Clients with strong in-house abilities to determine project technical and business requirements in conjunction with our team
  • Clients developing non-commercial internal tools

Why choose Fixed Fee:

  • Budget friendly, as your project spend is pre-determined
  • Predetermined project risk and commitment

Dedicated Team Model

Hire a fractional or complete development team to execute your vision. The particular talent set provided varies depending upon the project requirements. However, they are dedicated to you for the duration of your project.

When to choose Dedicated Team:

  • For larger, more complex, or longer term projects. The development team’s experience accumulates in early project stages, and provides greater efficiencies and innovation in the later project stages
  • Projects with commercialization potential. Consistently staffed development and architecture teams turnout much higher quality products, increasing your chances of success in the marketplace
  • When you need a partner to help architect your product, service, or project, not just another vendor
  • When time to market is important, and you need a talented team with experience working together

Who should choose Dedicated Team:

  • Clients with strong internal abilities to determine business requirements in partnership with our team developing the technical architecture
  • Clients developing mission critical, cutting edge, or enterprise-wide applications to give their business a competitive advantage
  • Companies seeking to grow their business or gain market share by launching innovative technology products and services

Why choose Dedicated Team:

  • It is the most efficient development method for large projects. The team gains the flexibility to lay foundation early in the project for the later phases, and not simply code for the short term
  • Provides the best chance of meeting a critical market window. The team is completely dedicated to executing your project, which focuses their efforts and minimizes interruptions
  • Best reflects the long-term realities of developing truly innovative software, allowing you to perform accurate business planning and ROI calculations