Data Center and Network Services

Customers traditionally built and managed internal server rooms, keeping all of the hardware and software on premise. Today, there are many alternatives.

  • Some companies co-locate, owning the equipment but running it inside a datacenter, leveraging their redundant power and network connections.
  • Others elect self-managed hosting. Clients lease a dedicated server from a company that both runs a datacenter and also cares for the hardware, but leaves the operating system and applications in our client's capable hands.
  • Managed services are the most efficient approach for our clients. In addition to hosting, the company provides value-added services ranging from operating system patches and updates, managed storage, backup and recovery, to load balancing and security services.
  • Modern cloud computing has increased the value of the datacenter even further. These technologies allow top-tier provides like Slice to aggregate server power in a way that is impossible for individual IT operators to match.
  • We can now provide dedicated virtual servers with higher reliability and lower cost than in-house physical servers.

Slice has options for customers for all 4 approaches: Colocation, Hosting, Managed Services, and Virtual Servers. Our 24/7/365 staff is always available to troubleshoot problems with facilities and server hardware. This white glove service is far superior to running servers in-house, limits cost and liability, and provides response time unmatchable by individual operators.