Dedicated Servers

Reduce your CapEx and OpEx with our line of Dedicated Servers. Choose from our standardized configurations or let us architect an infrastructure for you. Dedicated Servers are configured just for you and not a shared resource with other customers. This may be important for security and compliance situations and we're ready to accommodate your specific needs.

With Dedicated Servers, we buy and maintain the hardware for a monthly service fee. We install the OS of your choice and make it ready for your developers to build your web service on top of it. If anything goes wrong with the hardware, we'll have spare parts and maintain it as part of our service. If you need to have the server rebooted or power cycled, we have a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) for you to call at no additional charge. However, application and platform support (DB administrator, troubleshooting your software, software updates, etc.) is separate and would be part of our Managed Services or Professional Services offering.

Starting from just $199/month, we can provide a basic web server. However, if you need a fully redundant, load balanced, high performance solution, we can build that for you too. No customer is too big nor too small. We understand that you might start off with something basic and grow when your business grows. We will scale with you and find the right solution to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Contact us for a free consultation.