Streaming Video and Internet Delivered Media

Read on if you are:

a broadcaster or publisher looking to go "online" with your media

a content creator looking to promote your media to the world

a company with a brand looking to increase your awareness

a corporation who needs to improve internal communications, customer affinity, or conduct training

just trying to improve your digital presence on the web, mobile, tablet, connected "Smart" TVs and OTT (over-the-top) devices like XBOX, Playstation, Roku, and GoogleTV

Streaming Media

Taking video and radio content to the online world can be complicated and expensive; so many formats, so many devices, and so many questions. Is it better to build, partner or buy? Here at Slice Networks, we're not just vendors or developers, we'll work with your current workflow and build a solution that gets you where you want need to be.

Everyone who publishes video to the Internet has a workflow. We can help you in any of these areas

  • Transcoding—transforming your mezzanine or source content into formats fit for all Internet connected devices
  • Storage —Scalable cloud storage for all renditions of your media, metadata, thumbnails, and players
  • Management—Organize your media so that you can publish effectively
  • Integration—Get your content to your website, mobile, tablet, OTT devices, or second screen environments
  • Monetization—Ad insertion and management, strategies to leverage your traffic
  • Delivery—Accelerate the videos so that the end-user experience is nothing short of stellar
  • Analytics—Make your content or your web traffic worth more

It doesn't matter if you're a local broadcaster looking to create your own private "Hulu experience", or a content creator with your own personal "Netflix", we can build the video portal you need to distribute your content and monetize your traffic. We can augment your current development team with deep video domain expertise, or be a total solutions provider from website, mobile apps, or a complete platform architecture to drive a total Entertainment network.

Corporation messaging and Digital Presence

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let's make your digital message scream with video! Video not only entertains but can be used to educate, inform, and communicate important or complex concepts. For a corporation, nothing is more important than a message that will get your audience to do more business with you.

Today's world with hyper-connected users no longer consume web content from a textual website. Information hungry individuals these days get their news from Social Networks, Online Media Outlets, Mobile Devices, and more. They also no longer just view this content with a PC, but on their phones, tablets, and even their Internet connected TVs!

Managing your digital presence should be paramount, not the technology and workflow that is often the expensive infrastructure behind video publishing. Here at Slice Networks, we'll not only streamline your video publishing workflow, we can be your total end-to-end video publishing solution.

Everyone's needs are different. Contact us for a free assessment and we'll let you know if we're a good fit. We're not just here to cram video on every website on the Internet. However, our goal is to help you manage the video portion of your digital messaging, and then with your trust, we'll tell you how to optimize other parts of your digital presence.